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The Way of the Practical Mystic

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The Back-Cover Notes

Compiled and edited by Colum Haywood, published by Polair Publishing, available from Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham PO18 8PJ.

A twenty-six lesson course in awareness. The Way of the Practical Mystic was recently discovered among the papers of Henry Thomas Hamblin, the great twentieth-century pioneer of New Thought, and author of Within You is the Power. It sets out an evolving plan for the controlled development of our thoughts, one that leads to a life which is rich because it is in harmony with the Infinite Good.

It is the perfect guide for anyone with a spiritual outlook, but particularly for someone who seeks to expand instinctive Christian beliefs into an active awareness of the true abundance of life.

The Way of the Practical Mystic offers a threefold path to Realization. It brings a new awareness of the power of prayer, and it gives the reader detailed help in developing affirmations designed to realise abundance and harmony in his or her individual life.

Hamblin also gives the reader pointers as to how universal brotherhood may grow among people, through the inner work they do.

"In all my fellows is the Infinite Love, henceforth I shall see it… And I shall not stop with people. I will look also for the good in every circumstance, in every difficulty, in every temporary, so-called failure. I will look for the good in every blade of grass and every opening flower; in the wind which blows and the sun that burns my cheek. Rain or sunshine, fair weather or foul. I will see good in everything, see perfection underlying all. Out of these will grow a new sympathy, a more extensive and embracing love, a larger and wider Consciousness, for everyone and everything are my brothers. Each forms a part of the Infinite Whole. We are one with one another and the Universal Life and Mind, of which we form a part."

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