The Healing Stone

by Paul Bura

I was already aware about the whirling vortex of energy that Hanne Jahr had found in the grounds of Bosham House, covered in weeds and ancient roots. Her sensitivity had led her to the spot and she had spent many an hour in quiet meditation there "knowing" with that inner voice that can thunder through one, that this was a special place: a Place of Power. But what it was she didn't know. What she did know was that there was a special being connected with the site, a being that was multidimensional. But that was all. During a question and answer session that she attended weekly Hanne found out that the spot was an interdimensional Gateway of Grail Energy that had been capped. There were beings waiting to communicate from a higher level, to release once again the old esoteric knowledge that had been withheld from man/womankind for thousands of years for fear of misuse by the negative forces.

Witnessing the energy of the Ancient Healing Seat

I was invited to come to Bosham House to witness this power/energy for myself and, if possible, to invite this Angelic Force (for that is what it was) to use me to uncap this energy and release it from its bonds. I should point out that anybody could do this work either by prayer, meditation or visualisation and that I was not something special. But the work had to be done by Man, had to have the intent of Man/Womankind. That was very important. We sat around the power spot. I could feel the energy whirling in a clock-wise direction. I closed my eyes and waited. The channelling energy was not strong. I expected something to happen right away. But it didn't. We had to wait. The energy was gentle. Eventually a being spoke, an angelic being called Seriph. He told us that this Place of Power had been capped three thousand years ago. Using my arms and hands this gentle being began intricate passes and motions, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. He spoke as he worked explaining what he was doing and how it was necessary for a piece of granite to be placed on the site. The granite would amplify and refine the vortex, making communication easier. After five minutes or so it was done. He blessed us and left as gently as he had arrived. Before we had started the energy field across the 'spot' had been about twelve feet across. Now it was three times that and already on its way to the road and beyond. Seriph also told us that a healing line had been opened up which ran right through the vortex. He had pointed to a spot to his right and said that this was the main healing point and that a permanent seat must be placed there. Hanne said that the spot indicated was the very spot where she had been inspired to sit all these months! Hanne dowsed for the healing line. She found it. I needed no more proof that this. This was indeed a special place.


David Russell, the well-respected dowser and archaeologist, responded to my request for more information on this Power Site. I asked him to see, using his sensitive skills, whether a standing stone had been placed on this sacred site. My inner vision told me that it had! But I wasn't telling David that, anyway I could be wrong. David rang back a couple of hours later. Not only could he confirm my vision but also the stone was still within a two and half-mile radius of Bosham but had been broken up as an aggregate! By further dowsing I found out that the piece of granite needed was to be four and half foot tall and between twelve and eighteen inches across. A piece that size would cost 390 plus VAT! Inspiration struck: Pete and Jude Stammers lived a short distance away from the Avebury Stones and these sarson stones were to be found in fields around their house in West Kennet. I phoned Jude and explained the position. She phoned back the next day to say that she had found the Bosham Stone!

The Bosham Stone, standing proudly in our grounds.


Our next problem was raising the 235 needed to carry the Bosham Stone for the 300 miles round trip. With pledges from my two Earth Healing groups plus the "Friends of Bosham House" we not only raised the cash but what was left over paid for the special Healing Seat that Seriph had indicated.

On the 7th of November 1996 (7 being the number of change) the Bosham Stone came home. It went so smoothly that everybody held their breath waiting for something to go wrong. So here it was, the long awaited stone that was to become a focus for so many people over the years and I 'knew' that it would also change the lives of many with its information and healing energy. The stone slipped into its hole as if climbing back where once it had stood thousands of years before. Thomas Hamblin would surely approve. I will never forget Hanne's excited voice on the phone: "It's arrived and it's so beautiful, so beautiful." These words were all I needed to tell me that all the threads had pulled together to make a perfect whole, that out Bosham Stone had not only journeyed from Wiltshire but was once rolled and shaped under the vast shifting mass of the last ice age. A true granite Sarson stone.

The Bosham Stone comes home

On Sunday 10th November I arrived at Bosham House. I beebed the horn and Steffie Sorrell appeared and waved me on toward the site of the stone. As I pulled round the old printing sheds and offices I caught my first glimpse. It was as if the stone had always been there. As I pulled up a robin had settled on the stone. Steffie also saw this and commented. It reminded us of the robin that came and sat on the typewriter of the poet and mystic Derek Neville one early morning and sang its heart out. Derek was a close friend of Thomas Hamblin. As Hanne, Steffie and I sat on the newly acquired "Healing Seat" (placed exactly where the angelic being had indicated) Steffie saw with her inner vision a golden bird settle on the stone. Later, driving back, I suddenly "knew" what that symbolism meant. The golden bird represented the golden light of the Cosmic Christ that descended on Jesus in the form of a dove when he was baptised by John, when Jesus was first touched by the Christ Consciousness prior to his ministry. The Bosham Stone did not resist, as Jesus did not resist, receiving this baptism of gold, releasing the ancient wisdom back into the earth and all its peoples: radiating peace, love and truth. The Golden Heart that beats at the centre of all the true religions of the world. The Bosham Stone had come home.