Practitioners, Therapists and Teachers independent of The Hamblin Trust who work at Bosham House.
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Acupuncture and Remedial Massage

Tel: 01243 572719 Mobile: 07783417380
Caroline King is a well- qualified acupuncturist with over 25 years' experience working in a hospital, local surgery, and have taught students to degree level and have been an examiner for the International College of Oriental Medicine. I now practice in my own premises and will do home visits.
Traditional acupuncture has a successful 2000-year history and is based on the unique nature and balance of each individual. It is used to treat a wide spectrum of disorders ranging from joint pain to stress related conditions.

Alexander Technique ~ Marcus Sly

Tel: 01730 817735
Help for back and joint pain, repetitive strain injury, stress and fatigue, posture, balance and coordination.
Would you like to get rid of pain and health problems caused by poor posture and body use, and to experience greater energy and vitality? The Alexander Technique can help! It is a gentle and effective approach to well-being which helps you become aware of unconscious habits which  interfere with your natural ability to be balanced, co-ordinated and relaxed, and allows this ability to re-establish itself. For over a hundred years the principles of the Technique have helped people to live and move with greater ease and expansiveness, experience greater inner clarity and calm, and free themselves from discomfort and pain.

Astrology ~ Lindsay Gladstone D.F. Astrol.S

Telephone  01243 572109
We meet regularly once a month at The Hamblin Trust from 2-4pm on Saturdays. (No meetings in July, August or September)
Each session outlines and explores the diversity of cosmological wisdom expressed through various techniques employed in the craft of astrology.
Why not come along and discover the joy of connecting with the world around you and the starry skies above.
No previous astrological knowledge is required, everybody is welcome.
Cost: £8.00 per class. Non-members £10.00 per class
To find out more contact the office at the Hamblin Centre: 01243 572109

Astrology ~ Carol Duncan

Tel: 01243 576634
If you are at a time of change and personal transformation, a holistic astrological consultation can help to make sense of what is going on in your life. It can throw light on your process, help you to stand back and see things objectively, and introduce a welcome clarity and perspective. Personal consultations in Bosham.

Astrology and Flower Essences ~ Debbie Sellwood, DipVibrational Medicine, ITEC & Astrology

Email: ~ Web:
Mobile: 07940 821338
Debbie has a diploma with The White Eagle Lodge and is a professional consulting astrologer and member of The Association of Professional Astrologers International. She has a diploma in Vibrational Medicine, practices as a Flower Essence consultant and is secretary and advanced practitioner with The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association. She is the author of ‘Centaury for Virgo, Rock Rose for Pisces’ a guide to selecting flower essences arranged by astrological Sun sign.

Ayurvedic Medicine ~ Dr Sam Watts, D.Ayu,MSc,Cert.Gi,BSc(Hons),PhD.

Email: ~ Web:
Tel  012-436-70782 ~ Mobile 077-664-80993
Sam graduated from Southampton University's School of Medicine and currently works at the Complementary and Integrated Medicine Research Unit where his work focuses on improving survivorship within cancer. He subsequently received his clinical training in Ayurvedic medicine which has since become his abiding passion. Ayurvedic Medicine takes a holistic, patient centred and whole person approach to treating illness and disease and focuses on removing the root cause of disease and ill health rather than simply treating its symptoms. Sam currently runs a private Ayurvedic Medicine practice in West Sussex where his focus is on treating chronic lifestyle conditions. He also runs regular workshops and retreats that aim to empower people with tools and techniques that allow them to take positive control of their own health.

Bodhicharya Buddhist Group

Email: ~ Web:
Mobile 07565414331
For Buddhists and Non-Buddhists
Friendly Meetings Every Thursday Evening Start 7.30 pm - Finish 9.00pm
We aim to provide a safe space conducive to meditation, where we can also discuss, learn, reflect, experience, question and debate Buddhist teachings. We aim to inform and support, not recruit or convert. There is no membership, no sign up. This is an inward journey and you decide how far you go.

Craniosacral Therapy ~ Louise Toone RCST BCST

Email: ~ Website:
Tel: 02392 413278
Louise is a registered Craniosacral Therapist and a licensed member of the UK Craniosacral Therapy Association. Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, safe and relaxing treatment which can help you regain your physical and mental balance. This mindful therapy can help with both physical and emotional difficulties, such as recovery after injury and surgery and also with stress symptoms such as headaches, emotional overwhelm and insomnia. Louise is additionally qualified for working with Pregnant Women, Mothers and Babies and with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She also runs a home-based clinic in Rowlands Castle.

Golden Flower Tai Chi ~ Tricia Pomroy

Email: ~ Web:
Tel: 01243 268396 ~ Mobile 07949161177
Looking for expert instruction and a gentle way to keep naturally fit? Come and play Tai Chi and experience the positive feelings of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.
Balance, flexibility, stamina, well-being, vitality, focus and relaxation can all be achieved via the practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
Strengthen your physical and energetic body to keep you healthy, feel like you are getting younger despite advancing years!
The benefits of these ancient and well proven practices are numerous and you can experience them for yourself now at Bosham House by attending a series of Beginner workshops being held throughout the year. These two hour workshops are facilitated by qualified and licensed instructors Tricia and Martin Pomroy
Please contact Tricia if you would like further details, or wish to book a place.

Hamsa Yoga Teacher ~ Emma Owen–Smith

Mobile: 07956 391427
Hamsa (means 'swan' and symbolises the soul) Yoga and Meditation classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience.
These classes include postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation, all of which are methods to help relax and rejuvenate the individual in and amongst today's fast and furious pace of living.
Regular classes on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Health Matters - Michelle Callaghan - Holistic Therapist: FHT IHHT BFRP cert ST

Email: ~ Web:
Tel: 01983 868756 ~ Mobile: 07845 367838
Provides a range of treatments including: Spinal Touch Therapy, Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies
She believes: The responsibility for our own health is ours. Incorporating a sensible approach to diet, life style with exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy equilibrium within our own mind body and spirit. Michelle welcomes you to experience a treatment with her and will happily share the knowledge she has attained through her training with reputable teachers from around the globe. Michelle helps you combat life's day-to-day imbalances which, if left unattended, may manifest as disease in the body. Michelle continues her professional and personal development with her treatments now offering Spinal Touch - a very gentle realignment of the spine and light therapy - for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Currently Michelle is training in Advanced Clinical Massage with the Jing Institute, Brighton.

Kinesiologist ~ Jo Scott KFRP

Telephone: 01243 266813 ~ Mobile: 07876 390802
Kinesiology is a gentle but powerful complementary therapy that effectively identifies energy imbalances in a person's system. Muscle testing is the principal tool and gives a picture of what is happening in your energy system and how this might be affecting you. Stresses to the system can be caused by accidents, trauma, shock, surgery, toxins, illness or stress of any kind. I use a blend of physical and energy techniques to gently rebalance the energy flow, allowing the body to use its own healing ability to bring itself back into harmony and balance. Restoring an optimal state of balance to the client is the aim of any Kinesiology session.

'Light of the Soul' healing & spiritual coaching with Alexia Gibbs

Are you in need of an energy boost, support to get you through a challenging time or guidance to help you find your way to a more fulfilling life?
I help people through the emotional challenges they face in life, working with both energy healing and coaching techniques, which when combined together can bring about profound shifts in a person's energy, and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 
"I was feeling quite ill when we spoke and I felt a real sense of being 'detoxed'. I woke the next day with a strong sense of purpose and motivation for change, which has stayed with me." ~ a recent client.
Unique one-to-one spiritual coaching and healing sessions can be offered via Skype and remote healing methods direct to you in the comfort of your own home, wherever you live. (No particular spiritual beliefs are needed.) These sessions help you detach from accumulated negativity, having the effect of a cleansing shower on your energy system. This helps to re-boot you, so that you reconnect with your own clarity, inspiration, joy and inner guidance, motivating you to move in the direction of your dreams. 
We are all meant to bloom like flowers and contribute our own unique purpose in this life. Beautiful transformations have been reported by previous clients. I have helped people heal and gain a sense of purpose after many life challenges including relationship issues/endings, abortion, miscarriage, grief, health issues, career transitions, lack of purpose and much more. I work holistically considering all different areas of your life and guide you to find your own answers within.
Testimonials and further details can be found on my website:
Or contact me for further information via or 07447026527
Arts & Spiritual workshops are also offered from time to time.


Marble White Counselling – Angela Hughes – Counselling and Supervision face to face and via SKYPE - Couples Counsellor, Humanistic Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer ~ Accredited, Registered Counsellor MBACP (Accred). National Counselling Society Accredited Member MNCS (Acc) & Approved Supervisor, BA (Hons), FdA Humanistic Counselling – Registration Number: 034248

Email: Website:
Telephone: 07716 124 328
I work in a Humanistic way integrating Person-Centred Counselling, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy. This means I offer a safe and confidential environment where I am empathic, non-judgmental and genuine. My counselling is client led as I strongly believe that only you know what is best for yourself. Therefore, I trust you to bring the material you need to our sessions. I will listen attentively in order to understand your experience and value you positively as a person. Throughout our relationship, you will learn more about yourself and be able to identify any obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. I am experienced in working with adults, young people, and couples. My specialists include Relationship Issues, Depression, Abuse & Addiction. Practices at Bosham, Emsworth, Waterlooville and Cosham.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling & Hypnotherapy - Neil Christie

Email: ~ Skype: bluedottherapy
Tel: 07982668393 ~ Mob: 07982668393
Neil works as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and hypnotherapist, he has had some successful results with his psychotherapeutic counselling and hypnotherapeutic healing approach. Neil can offer an initial free consultation over the phone or by email.

Neil Christie, PG Cert, BSc (Hons), Dip Hyp CS, Dip PC
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

Scenar Therapy ~ Anthony Cropley

Email: ~ Web:
Tel: 01243 774555 ~ Mobile:07932 140460
Scenar Therapy is now available exclusively at the Chichester Pain Clinic. This is groundbreaking treatment for sports injuries of every description, musculoskeletal pain, joint injuries, back pain, arthritis, whiplash, eliminating drug dependence and many other conditions. It can significantly reduce recovery times and massage treatments available.

Sound Therapy - Chris Sangster B Ed, ITEC therapist & self-help facilitator

Email:  Web:
Telephone 01730 891280 Mobile: 07593 779906
Chris has studied music and sound therapy over many years and ran a holistic massage practice in Wiltshire for four years. He now practises one-to-one Sound Therapy sessions by arrangement at both Bosham House and his home base in Liss, near Petersfield. He is fully insured through Balens (Therapy Insurance Brokers) and has written six books on areas of self-help, coaching/mentoring and applications of sound in therapy and team building/leadership.
A sound therapy session starts with an initial assessment, discussion of additional instrument selection and chakra balance/efficacy dowsing. The main treatment is effected on a therapy couch, using a range of standard instruments including gongs, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drum and Solfeggio sound tubes. It is based on the concept that the body vibrates, with these vibrations fluctuating in specific organs dependant on level of health. Depleted chakra/organ areas can be boosted by sound waves generated with the different instruments - which also create a relaxing and meditative environment through applied alpha and theta harmonics. The total session lasts one hour.
As "Sounds Inspirational", along with Jackie Winsor, Chris also provides meditative sound baths for group relaxation/inspiration in various locations around Hampshire and Sussex, including Bosham House (see programme for current dates).

Sounding Workshops, Nada (Sound) Yoga and Psychotherapy ~ Russell Oliver Stone

Email: ~ Web:
How does emotional growth feed into spiritual development? How can we explore beyond the egoic mind? How can we learn to trust enough to open to ourselves?
If you want to explore these questions in a safe, loving environment, why not join me on the 1st Sunday of each month, 10:00am – 1:00pm.
I am a Nada (sound) yoga teacher, transpersonal psychotherapist and integrative counsellor combining the three disciplines of music, psychotherapy and yoga philosophy into a process that opens the heart with truth, love and compassion.
I combine Sounding, a way of singing that is improvisational and without words, with Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique. We then dialogue in-group to explore the experiences generated by this which takes us naturally into the areas of emotional growth and spiritual development. No previous experience is necessary.

Spiritual Mentorship and Intuitive Counsel ~ Stephanie Smith

Email: ~ Web:
Tel: 07557 520550
Stephanie is a facilitator and mentor of consciousness expansion and spiritual awakening. With over 15 years of study and research into the fields of consciousness and multi-dimensionality, she has a unique insight into the current planetary conditions occurring energetically.
As this planet and the humans upon it undergo a collective shift in consciousness, often referred to as Ascension, many people experience their Dark Night of the Soul. This may include unexplained experiences, a dismantling of the present life and relationships, and other challenges.
Stephanie offers:
Ascension Guidance and Education
Support during life changes through understanding of the energetic terrain
Intuitive Guidance Sessions
Mentoring in spiritual techniques to build and repair your lightbody
Mentoring in accessing Higher Sensory Perceptions through your own unique guidance system

Usui Reiki Healing and Teaching

Telephone: 023 9278 0485
Reiki healing is offered by Reiki Master/Teacher Richard in his healing room. The atmosphere is calm; the ambient is warm and welcoming. Reiki sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual. Clients are welcome to come for one off sessions, short courses or occasional top up sessions. Richard also teaches and attunes those wishing to practice Reiki for themselves. Teaching can be given at first, second and third degree. Richard also leads Reiki Shares twice a month and is available for ongoing support to aid practitioners in their development. If you would like to learn more please contact Richard.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga ~ Susan Tuff, an experienced British Wheel of Yoga Qualified Teacher

Tel: 01730 823205
Postures are linked together in a set of sequences connecting mind, body and breath, building strength and flexibility, improving posture and general well-being.
Classes held in the Petersfield area and at Hamblin Hall on Monday.

Yoga for All ~ Venetia Davidson

Tel: 01243 573054 ~ Mobile: 07808162804
Monday 10.35 am, Thursday 9am and Friday 10.45 am
Beginners welcome
All classes will include relaxation, breathing practices, stretching and mobilization through posture work. Please note, you do not have to be flexible or able to perform miracles with your body. The aim of my class is to increase body, postural awareness and flexibility as well as helping to reduce stress in this increasingly busy world we live in. Classes also in Chichester and West Stoke. One-to-one sessions also available, which include a personally structured practice to help specific needs.

Friendly disclaimer
The Hamblin Trust are unable to endorse any particular teacher, practitioner or therapist.  This is a matter for each individual to assess and take further if they wish.

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