Meditation at The Hamblin Trust

The yin and yang symbol, often see in meditation texts.

The Hamblin Trust is a registered charity formed in 1960 to continue the work of the Sussex saint and visionary, Henry Thomas Hamblin. The work of the Trust is firmly based upon prayer and meditation. There are daily prayers at noon each weekday and the Trust offers guided meditation in the evening and afternoon once a month.


What we mean by meditation

Meditation can be seen as a quiet pondering; a drawing to a centre; a focusing on some specific Idea or Ideal. Meditation is both a science (it has definite principles) and an art (when it is practised). It may lead to contemplation, which is a 'calm and simple beholding'. Reading inspired texts and prayer may lead to meditation.

The principles of meditation are embraced by what is known as the 'via positiva' path and the 'via negativa'. Both approaches are complimentary. The via positiva seeks to affirm all that IS. For instance, we can affirm that the Divine is Goodness, Truth, Beauty, Love and Wisdom and yet the Divine is always more than anything we can affirm, hence the 'via negativa' path. Every true meditation has an abiding (static), proceeding (dynamic) and returning (synthesis) aspect.

The Trust advocates the 'Middle Way', an essentially Taoist approach to meditation which seeks to avoid harmful extremes. This is part of the art of the perfect life, which is one of balance, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Meditation is truly the doorway to a richer, fuller life.

If you are interested in learning more about meditation, join our regular guided meditation group at our retreat in West Sussex (see the Groups page). Telephone Bosham House 01243 572109 for further details.