Groups and Courses at the Hamblin Centre

The Hamblin Centre offers the following groups and courses. Come along and meet others of like mind.

Please telephone for further details: Tel.01243 572109 or email:


Health & Wellbeing Afternoons.

A relaxing and nurturing afternoon, open to everyone. Take time out and enjoy our peaceful surroundings. Receive comfort and support.

3rd Wednesday of each month.
Treatments in the hall. Soup and socialising in the library.

A choice of free 20-minute taster sessions of complementary therapies and healing treatments. No need to book but do arrive early to get a treatment of your choice! All are welcome to socialise over a cup of home-made soup. (Availability for any particular therapy cannot be guaranteed).
Donations welcomed.

A talk/demonstration on a theme related to health and well-being, followed by tea & biscuits and an opportunity for therapists and practitioners to network, or for questions and conversation.
Cost: £5.

Weds 19th July: Acupressure & Acupuncture - with Caroline King
Weds 16th August: Knowing Your Purpose - with Tracey McEachran
Weds 20th September: Living from the Heart - with Pratibha Castle
Weds 18th October: What Can Change with Craniosacral Therapy? - with Louise Toone
Weds 15th November: Effective Ways to Treat Post Traumatic Disorder - with Jenny Edwards

Monthly Mindfulness Practice Sessions – with Barbara Boxhall.

1st Wednesday of the month in Hamblin Hall, 2:00-3:30pm.

2nd August
6th September
5th October
1st November

If you enjoy practising Mindfulness on a regular basis, it can be helpful to join others for support in your own practice.
Led by Barbara, there will be Mindful meditation, a poem or a reading and a chance for some discussion within the group.
We can bring our insights, our difficulties with the practise, and our mutual intention both to support ourselves, and the group, through Mindfulness.

The meditations could include a Body Scan, sitting meditation, mindful movement and walking. Please come in comfortable clothes.
Cost: £8

Meditation for Everyone

These friendly, welcoming sessions, held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, are open to members and visitors alike to explore different methods of meditating in beautiful surroundings in our meditation sanctuary, situated in the grounds of the Hamblin Centre. No previous experience of meditating is required, indeed, a 'beginner's mind' is to be encouraged.

26th July
9th August
23rd August
13th September
27th September
1st October
25th October
8th November
22nd November
Donations welcomed.

New Vision Light Workers
1st Saturday of each month in Hamblin Hall 10:30-12:30.

A group that meets regularly each month to provide a mutually nourishing and supportive environment for spiritual practice and development.

These 2-hour sessions include an opening attunement, discussion on a range of topics and a closing meditation.
There is a lot of laughter as we try not to take ourselves too seriously!

Our primary purpose is to channel Light to the world and to those people and situations needing spiritual support.

There is no one school of thought predominant, as we all share our own experience and insight, so all are welcome to explore and share with us.

5th August
2nd September
7th October
4th November
2nd December

A voluntary donation of £5 to support the Hamblin Trust is invited.

Living Astrology with Carol Duncan

2:00-4:00pm (library)

A meeting place for astrologers of all levels, where we consider the astrological patterns of the moment, and reflect upon events in the world and in our own lives.

Please bring your own natal chart.
Enquiries to Carol Duncan, 01243 576634

15th October
12th November
17th December
Suggested donation £5.

Quivers & Quavers: Singing for All with Marcus Sly

Weekly on Wednesdays 8:30-9:30pm in Hamblin Hall

Come sing with us! Everyone is welcome to this series of workshops in which we we will sing together for enjoyment, health and relaxation.

Together we will create a safe and welcoming space to explore our voices, and free ourselves to make beautiful music without stress, shame or judgment. Nervous or uncertain singers are very welcome, as well as those who feel more confident.

Regular weekly attendance is encouraged, in order to build vocal skills and confidence.

Cost: 5


  • 4th October
  • 11th October
  • 18th October
  • 25th October
  • 1st November
  • 8th November
  • 15th November
  • 22nd November
  • 29th November
  • 6th December


Friday 15th September 2:00-3:00pm
Introduction to. Chair Yoga
SHORT COURSE in Hamblin Hall with Kathryn Bingham

Kathryn has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years and runs a variety of classes locally to suit all levels of age and ability.

Chair yoga is a great way to to stretch from head to toe without the need to get out of your chair. Chair yoga helps relieve tension, helps you breathe more effectively and leaves you feeling both energised and relaxed. We will enjoy a variety of yoga poses accessible to anyone! It may be of particular interest to anyone who cannot stand for long periods or who finds it challenging to move easily from standing to seated to lying down positions. While seated, we can do variations of stretches, twists, forward bends, and gentle backbends. The aim of these three sessions is to give you both the ideas and confidence to continue practising at home. Office workers can take advantage of chair yoga's adaptations to sneak in some stretches at work! Please come in loose, comfortable clothing - with the possibility of taking off shoes and socks. Do let Kathryn be aware of any serious health concerns before enrolling. Please contact the office if you would like any further information. Commitment is to all three sessions.

Advance booking required. Further dates: Fri 22nd & Fri 29th September.
Total cost for three sessions:

Friday 6th October 2:00-3:00pm
Introduction to. Reconnecting with your Inner Joy
SHORT COURSE in the library with Lisa Sturge

Lisa has been leading Laughter Yoga workshops for over 10 years. She is a qualified personal development coach and NLP practitioner. Her book 'Laugh' was published in 2017.

Three exploratory group discussions and meditations on the theme of Inner Joy.
Week 1: What is joy to you? Sharing joyful experiences and memories with others.
Week 2: What gets in the way of joy? Exploring what can keep us from experiencing joy. Ways to reconnect and go within.
Week 3: Reconnecting to joy. Exploring ways to reconnect with the divine, living in joy, relishing joy, sharing joy with others.

Please contact the office if you would like any further information.
Commitment is to all three sessions. Further dates: Fri 13th & Fri 20th Oct.
Advance booking required. Total cost for three sessions: 15

Friday 6th October 3:30-5:30pm
Autumnal Colour in the Landscape
SHORT COURSE in Hamblin Hall with Jules Simmons

Jules is an environmental artist & teacher, with a passion for art history and natural sciences. She is an art history guide at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, and recently designed the masks for Bench Theatre's Equus at the Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, Havant. Painting, drawing and sculpture are the ways she creatively explores the world.

A series of four art workshops designed to expressively record the changing Autumnal landscape through drawing and painting. Explore drawing techniques and laying down a background colour to display your drawing against, using the Hamblin Garden as inspiration. All levels and ages welcome, including those who may be convinced that they can't draw! Please bring your own A5 sketchbook, drawing pencils & eraser, watercolour pencils or paints & watercolour paper. Other materials provided, for students to experiment with new skills.

Commitment is to all four sessions. Further dates: Fri 13th, 20th & 27th Oct.
Advance booking required. Total cost for four sessions: 100
(includes tuition, materials & refreshments. Limited to 12 places)

Friday 10th November 2:00-3:00pm
Introduction to. Reconnecting with your Breath
SHORT COURSE in Hamblin Hall with Kathryn Bingham

Kathryn has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years and runs a variety of classes locally to suit all levels of age and ability.

In this short course we will explore how conscious breathing can help relieve stress, increase our vitality and help us live life to the full! Most of us breathe unconsciously for the majority of our lives, yet becoming aware of our breathing habits and learning to use the breath more effectively can be hugely transformational. Through mindful focusing exercises and gentle physical stretching exercises we will aim to free up our breath and free up our life! Please come in loose comfortable clothing and do let Kathryn be aware of any serious health concerns before enrolling.

Commitment is to all three sessions. Further dates: Fri 17th & Fri 24th Nov
Advance booking required. Total cost for three sessions: 15