Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin

The 2nd quarterLet us bless the Lord, who is our life and our health, and without Whom we have no life or being at all.
Jesus said: “I am the way; and the way that He indicated was one of harmony and peace, entirely different from the fretful fever of life, or the careworn existence, which most people lead.
Today's Reading
28th June
If we perseveringly keep on praying for, or invoking, the Divine Order to appear we become conscious, in course of time, of its nearness and reality. We realise the transient and fleeting nature of evil and disorder, and, in contrast, the permanence and substantiality of Good and the Divine Order. When we realise that the Divine Presence and Order are with us now, and that we live and have our being in GOD, we can say without any attempt at self-deceit: “Good only can come to me.”

The one sovereign remedy for all human ills is to find God, and for our mind to become at one with the Mind of God. If we live our life in God, then every disorder becomes healed, and every disharmony adjusted. It is not, then, a question of overcoming disorders, or fighting against life, but of turning to God so that Divine order may take the place of our human disorder.

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