Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin

The 4th quarterThe moon, with its silvery sails outspread, voyages the heavens in the quietude and peace of God.
DecemberLOVE – PEACE:
Love is the Key to every situation in life. The peace of God is an interior order and harmony into which we may all enter.
Today's Reading
18th December
It is foolish to try to drug our mind by saying peace, peace, when there is no peace. Peace is not a sentimental feeling obtained through the use of religious dope, but is the result of meeting life’s experiences in the right way.

Love is invincible. It never compels, but it softens our most stubborn resistance It pursues us down the avenues of time: it never lets us go: it never grows tired: it desires only that we should find our highest good: it waits patiently until of our own free-will we turn and make a complete surrender.

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