Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin

The 3rd quarterThe Universe when seen through the eyes of Christ is eternally perfect.
Inwardly, our soul-life reaches to our Divine Source. It has its roots in GOD. As St. Paul puts it: we live and move and have our being in GOD.
Today's Reading
26th September
We ourselves cannot create perfect ideas. Perfect ideas can come only from the Perfect Mind of GOD. What is termed evolution, is not evolution at all, but an unfoldment of consciousness. It is not a creation even, but a returning to GOD. Man has departed from the perfect consciousness of GOD into the wilderness consciousness.

We are all consumed with a desire; and this desire, if traced down to its origin, is to find and know GOD.

But GOD can found only in Quietness, and the Silence, and the Secret Place of Stillness.

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