Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from five days ago

The 1st quarterIf Divine Love be in our heart, then do we see Love everywhere
It is possible for every one of us to “make good,” if we only will. No life is too hopeless or difficult for this to be the case.
Reading from five days ago
18th January
If our course of action gives us inwardly a feeling of unrest, disquiet and misgiving, then we may be pretty sure that it is not the right one. Then, if when we decide on another course of action, immediately a sensation of peace and harmony floods our soul, we may know that what we have chosen is the right thing to do.

The time has arrived for us to cease our fruitless strivings, to cease doing things, both spiritual and material, by heavy mental strain and effort. The time has arrived for us to know by direct knowing, and to do things in the Spirit, or by the power of the Spirit, instead of in the old Adam way of the sweat of our brow.