Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from four days ago

The 2nd quarterLet us bless the Lord, who is our life and our health, and without Whom we have no life or being at all.
All the resources of the Infinite are ours to accept at the hands of Divine Love. The whole of God’s life, health, wholeness and power are present here and now, in all their infinitude and completeness, awaiting our acceptance.
Reading from four days ago
22nd April
We need to come into harmony with all that is true and good and perfect, and so we pray: “Thy Kingdom come.” This means that we ask God to establish His Kingdom in us, and that everything that stands in the way should be removed.

This again means that our will should be merged in the Divine Will. We have to allow the Lord to come into our life, to reign in every part of it. We have to surrender all of our heart, affections and desires to Him, and hold nothing back. So long as there is conflict, there is created disorder and ill-health. But when we surrender completely to the Lord, Who is not only Infinite Life, Wholeness, and Health, but also Infinite Love, all conflict ceases.

Those of us who invoke the blessing of the Lord find that the whole life is healed, kept in order and made good. We find that there is a blessing behind everything, and that in all our affairs there is a good influence silently at work on our behalf.