Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from four days ago

The 4th quarterThe moon, with its silvery sails outspread, voyages the heavens in the quietude and peace of God.
We must always make use of the Truth that we have; we must always live up to the Light that we have; we must always go forward to fresh adventures of faith; and we must also practise affirmative prayer, if we are to make progress.
Reading from four days ago
16th October
God is an unchanging God, and is the same to-day as when He brought the children of Israel dry-shod through the Red Sea, and fed them in the Wilderness, and gave them water from a rock, and made their clothes and their sandals to “wax not old,” God is the same, there is not an atom of difference, He does not change.

Each positive word represents a positive idea. Each word possesses a vibration of its own, so that when uttered it produces an effect like unto its own character. If it is a positive word of Truth it produces in the soul a vibration, or liveliness, like unto itself.