Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from three days ago

The 2nd quarterLet us bless the Lord, who is our life and our health, and without Whom we have no life or being at all.
All the resources of the Infinite are ours to accept at the hands of Divine Love. The whole of Godís life, health, wholeness and power are present here and now, in all their infinitude and completeness, awaiting our acceptance.
Reading from three days ago
23rd April
In spite of all our good intentions how much of our thinking, alas is based on our feelings! We may not feel very well, or we may have a cold, and lo, behold, our thoughts, unconsciously, become centred upon our ailment, or else influenced and coloured by our disability. In other words, we think in terms of our human limitation and morbidness, instead of in terms of a free soul, a spiritual being rooted and grounded in the Eternal, nourished by the Eternal Spirit, and sharing in the life of God.

All good comes from the Lord, our one Spiritual Source. Nothing but good can come from the One Source of all good. Disease, sickness, ill-health, etc., cannot come from the One Source of all life, wholeness, health and joy. I include joy, because inward joy is closely associated with health.