Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
The reading from two days ago

The 3rd quarterThe Universe when seen through the eyes of Christ is eternally perfect.
July, the month of Flowers. Let the Flowers of Divine Love bloom in our Heart always.
Reading from two days ago
15th July
God mercifully hides the future from our sight. It is not given to man to know what life holds in store. Our Lord tells us to live one day at a time instead of attempting to pry into the future. Be it noted that this is not done because we are the victims of an evil and exorable fate and therefore we should be overwhelmed with horror and fear if we looked forward to what lay in store for us. Our Lord has a better message than this. He tells us that all good and necessary things shall be ours.

It is possible to change our thoughts so that we think the very opposite of “trouble,” but it may be quite impossible either for us to deal with or control the trouble which wrong thoughts produce.