Daily Readings from the Works of H. T. Hamblin
Yesterday's Reading

The 4th quarterThe moon, with its silvery sails outspread, voyages the heavens in the quietude and peace of God.
We must always make use of the Truth that we have; we must always live up to the Light that we have; we must always go forward to fresh adventures of faith; and we must also practise affirmative prayer, if we are to make progress.
Yesterday's Reading
19th October
We have not to create our prefect Self, or to make ourselves perfect, but to discover Godís perfect thought concerning us, for this alone is true. God, Who is Truth, can see only Truth; therefore, all that hides Truth has to be discarded or exfoliated.
The secret springs of our life are desire and thought, and that while God changes or transmutes our desires, we have to discipline, control and direct our thoughts. Everything depends upon these. If they are not right then the outward life can show no fruit. But if, on the contrary, they are right, i.e. in harmony with Divine Love and Truth, then, no matter what we may have inherited of a disorderly character, order and beauty in some form must manifest.